Sore eye and facial nerve

This course will be offered on Sunday, Nov. A tiny foreign body can feel like the Prussian army marching on your eye. This course will be offered on Tuesday, Nov. It is characterized by throbbing pain, photophobia and sometimes by nausea or visual disturbances. At least four distinct causes are possible.

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Sore eye and facial nerve

Nowhere else in the body are bare nerve endings closer to the surface than in the cornea. Collaboration with a primary care physician is warranted when patients with eye pain have comorbid conditions. The management for trigeminal neuralgia starts with anticonvulsant medications, such as gabapentin or carbamazepine, which can be useful for prolonged periods of time without any complications, according to Dr.

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Sore eye and facial nerve
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Sore eye and facial nerve

Bell's Palsy

Those four factors often can help determine the nature of the pain. Patients who present with intermittent pain around the eyes may think their eyes are causing the problem. This article is from October and may contain outdated material. For ophthalmologists, the trigeminal nerve is the pain mediator of concern, Dr. It can last for many days, months or continue on forever.

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